Eliminate Telephone RF Interference

Have you ever been talking on the phone only to have another unwanted voice come in over the line, interfering with your call and making it nearly impossible to carry on your conversation. This type of interference is caused from a number of sources, including CB operators, Police Radios, Ham Radio, and even Commercial Standard Broadcast Radio or TV. This is called Radio Frequency Interference or RFI.

Considering how difficult it is to have a telephone conversation when RFI is present, just imagine the havoc that this would cause for your FAX or computer modem. You need to protect yourself against this kind of intimidation.

Don't worry. There is a way to eliminate RF Interference. Use a Sparrevohn Engineering foneFilter. The foneFilter is connected to your telephone and then allows only the normal Voice Frequencies to get through to the telephone. All other frequencies are filtered out.

If you are troubled with RF Interference, or would just like to guard against it, order a foneFilter from: 

          Sparrevohn Engineering
          6911 E. 11th St.
          Long Beach, CA 90815

  Phone: (562) 799-1577 or (949) 642-7323

   Single line filter F-1 ..................14.95

   Two line filter F-2 .....................19.95

  *FoneAlone FA1.........................16.95


  Include $2.50 shipping.

  California residents add sales tax.

  Make checks payable to Sparrevohn Engineering and

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